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great work. it reminded me alot of the sega game "comic zone" simple idea that leqads to alot of play and twists.


way to go man. i would have never expexted this! the dude totally reminded me of quagmire from family guy. funny stuff. BIG UPS for using all my music! you rock!


so i don't really know how things like this make it into the portal. but i'll accept it because i'm a corporate whore and my music is in here. so plus plus gold star. pretty shitty flash though.

ThreeStar responds:

Well, I don't know exactly how to respond to this. Thanks?

Anyway, is your 'stache real?

If so, let's hook up sometime.


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damn straight

this reminded me of a mix between pacman, asteroids and battle tank, all very excellent classic games. the strategy wasn't to difficult to pick up and the game is quite addictive, good stuff! Thanks for using my music on this , the loop rocks.

the goods

really suprisingly fun game. ah simplicity and thanks for the song use

Claxor responds:

No, thank YOU for making the song in the first place :)

oh yeah!

hey thanks for using my music in this flash! i'm really impressed with the graphics and skill level. but i think i have to agree with Funky Master M, this music sucks dick.

Peturo responds:

ha well then thats a honest opinion i just liked it though.. i looked through like at least 50 songs before i chose this one..

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oh my this is a wonderful genre bender! the piano mastery is phenomenal and the the funk bass, ungh! so good! the solos are amazing and so flowy! like a spiraling dust storm of floating cottonwood fuff, light beautiful andincredibly energetic.

The ending was a bit sudden because i was following the solo sound and then is just trails off.

besides that small note, i LOVE this track. so fun and FUNky!

i will def add you on soundcloud :)

johnfn responds:

haha thanks man! such a surprise to see your review in my notifications! glad you're still alive, i'm still enjoying your music :)

that scream sample! everywhere!

i love the sweepy stuff in the beginning and the release cut to the fuqqin madness is mega heavy. yummy.

slow soft and ambient techno

I love the atmosphere you've created, a subtle fairy like techno land of black light willow trees and secretive whispers in the wind. love the pads near the end and the gated stuff. bet you had fun making it.

DjArmedWolf responds:

thank you this means a lot XD i love the description you gave haha AND yes i did have fun making this song haha

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